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Comic viewer

Miruno PC Photoframe can be used as ultimate viewer for reading comics.

Dual image mode for Comics

You can use dual image mode to arrange two portrait * images in 1 row. If the first image and the next image are both portrait proportion then these are shown at once. If not, only one image is shown. This behavior is useful for reading comics. Because a image of a comic may consist from 1 page or consist from 2 pages.

Miruno equips dual mode both from left and right so you can use this to read left-open and right-open comics.

The portrait means images which height is longer than width.

Dual image mode - 2 images
Dual image mode - 1 image

Search comics and pages

You can layout images in muptiple rows to search comics and specific pages. The dual image mode (is single row mode) and multiple row mode can be changed to click on a image. And the row number can be changed easily also by rotating mouse wheel when a context menu is visible. So you can search specific page in suitable size for.

Miruno can show the first file's image in a folder as a folder preview so you can show multiple cover images of your comics at once. If the cover images are the first file in the comic folders.

Multiple pages
Comic covers

Image filter for reading comics

You can use Effect to read comics comfortably. For example Unsharp mask can sharpen pages of comics to recognize easily.

Unsharp mask (before)
Unsharp mask (after)

Effect is done in an instant by pixel shader on graphics card, so you need no wait while processing.


You can add comic folders to favorites to make access easily like Internet explorer. You can access added comics by a favorites tree in side panel.


You can add comic folders also to bookmarks. You can open the location of added comic folders easily than favorites by the top menu of Miruno.

Image format

Miruno uses Windows Imaging Compornent (WIC) to decode images. So all the famous image formats are supported such as Jpeg, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF.

Arhicved comics

You can show comics archived by zip without extracting. Zip files with password is also supported.

Customize the design

You can customize the design by changing the background and the image frames.

"Wall White" background
"Guitar Amp" background

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