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S.S.Software Member !NEW!

S.S.Software Member service enables you to use all or some S.S.Software products without any restrictions to pay fixed charge for each time period.

The member class defines kind of softwares can use. To lift restrictions of Miruno PC Photoframe join the member class which is higher than 'Economy'. But 'Standard' class member can lift all the S.S.Software procucts so 'Standard' class is recomended.

You can join the member from this page .

1. Buy and get License-key

To lift restrictions on Miruno PC Photoframe, buy and get License key. License key is send by Vector (Japanese famous software shop) after sending fees.

Use "カートに入れる" button to buy.


The user name and email address are not send to me from Vector.

Scope of License

You can use License-key at any number of your computers.

Eternal License

You can use License-key permanently againt any versions of this software.

Keep the License-key carefully

License-key may be needed to lift restrictions at new computers. Please keep it safely and Do NOT publish careressly.

2. Regist License-key

Only buying the software, you can not lift restrictions. To lift restrictions, regist License-key by regist dialog. Regist dialog can be shown from the menu.

Regist.. menu item

Copy License-key from the mail, and paste it to a text box in the regist dialog and push regist button. License-key is a text composed of about 200 ascii characters.

Regist dialog

3. Finished

if inputted License-key is right, Miruno PC Photoframe's restriction is lifted. And a link image on main view will be disappeared.

A link image to Regist dialog on main view

Buy Now!

Sorry, you can buy this software at only Japanese software shop named "Vector" now.

Use "カートに入れる" button to buy.


Use mail form to contact me.