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Miruno PC Photoframe is a shareware and you can use almost all the functionality till 30 days from the first time to run. After 30 days, a regist dialog is popupped when you start the software and a link image will be shown at the bottom of the main window. To tolerate that you can test the software continuously.

link image to regist dialog

The link image on the main view will be disappeared by registration. For more details refer to Lift restrictions.

Privilege for purchaers

Monochrome and ripple effects can be used only by purchasers. So before your buying, you can not test these effects. But these funcions are simillar implementation with the other effects, so I think these works well if the others do.

The two effects are original ones with Miruno PC Photoframe realized by pixel shader. Please buy and enjoy the effects if you like the other functionality of Miruno.

Ripple effect in progress

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