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Miruno PC Photoframe is a image viewer for reading comics and seeing photos designed and created by Japanese. This software is a shareware so you can try the almost all the functionality of this without a fee. Restrictions while testing is described here.

Flexible Layout Change

Miruno can arrange multiple images in rows, and the row can be changed easily. So you can see images in suitable size for. The way is that you can zoom images by mouse wheel when a context menu is visible. The other side mouse wheel causes scrolling when unvisible. So you can both scroll and zoom by mouse wheel easily.

Flexible layout change

Smooth transition

You can play images with some transition effects like digital photo frames. Prepared transitions are overrap, fade, scroll, wipe, monochrome, ripple, and random selection of the other. And these transitions are smooth for using DirectX to render images.

Overlap transition

Simple and smart user interface

You can see images with whole the window because manipulation panels are hidden. And you can easily show panels by moving mouse cursor to the edges of the window. For example you can show a side panel with a folder tree by moving to the left and open a folder easily. And you can show a play panel to the bottom and start slideshow by pushing a play button.

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