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What is a DirectX ?


DirectX is a library set to implement application softwares mainly for games. DirectX is a library set because that consists of multiple librarys that are Direct3D, DirectSound, DirectInput, DirectShow, and so on. Library is a software code parts to be used for implementing other softwares.


Direct3D is a library to draw 3D graphics to the screen. 3D graphics are 2D images that are translated from models that are described with 3D points*.

* 3D output images maybe 3D graphics, but pure 3D output device is not common now. For example popular 3D movies are realized by two images for both eyes.

Miruno PC Photoframe only use Direct3D now. Because Direct3D is most significant library in DirectX, we usualy use DirectX to describe Direct3D.

Miruno uses no 3D graphics, but Direct3D can be used to draw 2D graphics to the screen efficiently because rich 3D graphics representation needs 2D graphics named textures. Textures are images to describe surface of 3D models. For example a dice and a wood cube can be descrived with same 3D cube model and different textures. Miruno uses normal photo images as Direct3D textures and images can be drawn to the screen efficently.


A library to ring sounds.


A library to manipulate input devices like a joystick and so on.


A library to draw movies.

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