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Image viewer is a special software to see digital images on computers.

Miruno PC Photoframe

Miruno PC Photoframe is a image viewer for reading comics and seeing photos. This software enables you to enjoy multiple images in multiple rows. The row number can be changed easily by mouse wheel and single click.

Image Viewer 'Miruno PC Photoframe'

Natural image management

Miruno utilize the folder for the unit of viewing. It's most natural way to manage photos, so you can classify images by Windows explorer or the other various softwares. And you can replace the software anytime you like.

Powerfull slideshow functions

You can slideshow images by pushing the play button in the play panel of Miruno. Play panel will be hidden automatically, so you can see images with whole screen all the time. And the transitions are relalized by DirectX so very smooth.

Image Viewer 'Miruno PC Photoframe'

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