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Scanner Trimmer recognizes a manuscript section from a image captured by a scanner, and saves the section-only image after correction of the inclination. But this software can not recognize manuscripts' direction. For example this can not recognize if manusciputs are portrait image or 90 degrees rotated landscape image. This software can only correct subtle inclination of manuscripts.


Figures below show a shrunk images processed by the software. But I can not guarantee every images can be processed successfully like this. Please buy this software after testing the software with your images carefully.

The software can enlarge recognizing precision by using a no-manuscript image (see below). This result is obtained by using the no-manuscript image. But in this case, a almost same result can be obtained without the no-manuscript image.

no-manuscript image
manuscript image
processed image

Supported OS

Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP on x86-based computers.


This software is a shareware, so only trial use is permitted with no fee. Please purchase if you use this software in practice.



You can buy this software through only Japanese online software shop "Vector".



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