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This application shows a mirror image of the screen portion in real-time. It's useful to draw symmetric images. But this software has no capability to draw pictures. You must use an anothor software to draw pictures besides this such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Paint, etc.

By the way, when you draw a picture on a paper, have you ever felt the picture is too bad when you saw the picture from the reverse side of the paper through that ? This software enables you to draw a perfect picture which is not strange because this software helps you to draw symmetrical pictures.

The movie below is example to draw a simmetrical picture with a software named ILLUST STUDIO (japanese) and Image Mirror. Because the movie's size is about 2.6 MB, you may wait a few seconds to see. After this operation, only tasks to get a symetrical picture is to copy and past the resulted half picture and to reverse that. Of cource you can use any software such as Microsoft Paint, etc. to draw symmetrical pictures with Image Mirror.

On the other hand this software is useful to draw pictures and to see reversed images of that simultaneously. If you draw pictures with this software, you may improve your drawing technique. Because mirrored image can give you somewhat objective sight.


Download ImageMirror.exe and run that. Mirrored window is shown. You can exit this by selecting context menu item "Exit". For more details refer to Image Mirror - Usage.

Supported OS

Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP (both 32 bit / 64 bit versions)




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